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La Princesa

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In the beautiful Amazons’ jungles, the legend of the cursed princess is told. A beautiful young woman who was the daughter of one of the bravest and fairest leaders of the Yanomami tribe. All the warriors wanted to marry her, and they asked the leader of the tribe for her hand. However, she was not interested in any of them. One day, the tribe was strongly attacked by some Spaniards.

The warriors and the leader of the tribe fought with all their strength to defend themselves but the Spaniards were winning the battle thanks to the armament that they had. All this changed when a warrior arrived; he was unknown to the Yanomami tribe, but well known in other zones for being The Maquiritares’ lider. He defended and protected the Yanomami tribe with all his strength and his people and they managed to win the battle.

Impressed by what the warrior had done, the young princess suggested her father that as a reward, she could marry him. The warrior, of course, accepted the offer because of the princess beauty, even though he was engaged to another young woman of his tribe. Full of jealousy and anger to know that the warrior was not going to marry her, this woman cursed the princess, turning her into an immortal old woman, who lacked any kind of beauty.

Nowadays it is said that the princess is wandering through the jungles, crying for not having fulfilled her dream of getting married and trying to take revenge by killing young women who are engaged.