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El Buho de tres ojos

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In the capital, Caracas, there are wonderful night creatures that can produce either the deepest fear, the most powerful curiosity or even the strongest admiration. During the day they look like women. At first glance they seem normal, calm and beautiful; but if you look at them with more attention you will notice that they have much bigger eyes than normal ones. They also tend to get irritated very easily, and they have a deep love of fire, and are pyromaniac.

At night they are transformed into Buhos de tres ojos. They spend all the night flying over the skies of Caracas, looking for people who have forgotten their education and humanity, and go around the streets kidnapping, extorting, stealing and killing people who refuse to give them what they want.

What El buho de tres ojos do is this: They arrive to an evil person’s house and conjure a spell so that the sleeper does not wake up. Then, they begin to suck their blood until they kill him slowly. People usually say that they do a favor to society; others believe that it is not fair because God is the only one who must judge and punish thieves and murderers.

Another important characteristic is that in the day El buho de tres ojos do not reflect in a mirror and that if you want to protect someone from becoming their “victim” of them, you should bless this person, but the most of the time, this does not work due to the sins committed by the person. So, if you really want to look after them, the best protection that you will have is a clean conscience for being a good citizen.