Central-Western Region

Las Animas de Guasare

     We are finally here. This is Falcón, our new stop; a well known state by its beautiful beaches and its desserts. Can you see those people walking? Well, they are not alive, they are spirits. They are known as Las Animas de Guasare, and theirs is the story that brought us here today.

     Their story began in the 20th century when they used to live in Paraguaná’s peninsula when a terrible drought hit them in 1912. At the beginning, they could handle it, but animals and plants started dying because of the drought, and a plague of crabs arrived to the city, transported by the dry wind that crossed the peninsula.

     Those were hard days for these poor people, as you can imagine. They received help from Coro, the Capital of Falcón, but that was not enough, the resources were not enough to feed all the people. Rich people did not suffer so much in the middle of this crisis, but humble people had to drink and eat whatever they found to survive. Desperate, they left their town and started a journey to Coro, the capital, but being so bad fed and thirsty, they died in the middle of their peregrination. Some of them were with their families, some of them were alone.

     When all these people died, they were ignored, but nowadays the story is different. All the people from Falcón pay tribute to them and light candles for them to ask for a guide if anyone lost the way back home.

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El chaparro

    Hey, welcome back. Today we are at Portuguesa, and I am going to tell you the story of an ambitious man who lived here. He was known as El Chaparro, and his story is terrible.

     In 1910, this man was the administrator of a property named Las Salinas, a place where people extracted Maras, which is a fruit from a tree with the same name. To motivate his workers, he paid them one mara if they got two. No one could ever do it, of course, until one Manuel Gerónimo arrived to the property; he did not get two, he got too many maras, it was unbelievable. Chaparro did not want to pay his debt, and they started fighting. Finally, they went to the police to solve the problem, but there, Aguado, Manuel’s brother, tried to kill him.

     The administrator was extremely upset, and he shot Aguado. Scared, he ran away; he knew people from town would kill him because of what he did, so he hid from them in an abandoned house, but people found him, killed him… and buried him in front of the graveyard’s entrance, so people trod on him for years… If you pay attention, you will hear him even after all this time because his soul never rests and it never will.

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La monja de la buena suerte

Resultado de imagen para monja de la buena suerte

Our journey brought us back to Falcón, because you might need to know the story of sister Lérida, la monja de la buena suerte. She lived a long time ago… but people still remember how kind and beautiful she was.

Some may say she was an angel, and for others, she was a hero, because she always helped people, and defended the weakest. Ironically, this is the reason why she got killed… Do you want to know how? Well, many years ago, sister Lérida tried to defend an innocent horse that was being punished by its master, and that cruel man hit her on the head, and killed her.

People were very sad when sister Lérida died, but she never left this town… From time to time, she walks by these streets, and blesses the people that cross on her path with seven years of good luck, so if you ever see her, you can be happy because your life is about to change.