Zulian Region

Las sirenas del Lago de Maracaibo

    “If you hear our voices, come and meet us. On earth, you will not hear us, but under the water, we are waiting for you.”

     That is the song I heard the first time I came to Maracaibo; it is beautiful, is it not? It is sung by the mermaids that live under the lake. Do you want to know a little bit about them?

     They are beautiful women, but they have long and beautiful fish tails. When a person jumps off the bridge, wanting to put an end to their misery, the mermaids are there to help this person. But wait, you must have a pure heart to receive their help because their mission is to save people that can bring good things to the world and the people around them.

     As I told you, they can save you, but if they see darkness in your heart, you will not escape. They seduce you with their beauty and their beautiful voices, and once you are in the water, they drag you to the bottom of the lake and going to have to live there for the rest of your life. Some people say they are evil creatures; some of them say they work to create a world free of bad people. It is up to you to decide which version is the best.

     Wait!! I know you probably want to meet them, but that is not a reason to jump off the bridge… Come on, let’s continue with our journey; maybe one day you will meet the mermaids, but not today.

Reading Comprehension