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El silbón

Do you see this beautiful landscape? These are the Venezuelan plains. We came here because I want to tell you the story about a man that lived here a long time ago, but that still travels across these roads. No one remembers the way he looked like, but what people do know is he is really tall and really thin. Normally the load of the suffering souls is invisible, but this character walks by the roads carrying a heavy load upon his shoulders as a punishment for what he did, so if you see a man carrying a bag and whistling, you will know is El Silbón.

     You might think this a story as the rest of others, but I am telling you exactly how it happened a long time ago. It all started when the main character met a woman, and as it always happens in this kind of stories, he fell really in love with her. That beautiful lady was the love of his life.

     Everything was as our friend always dreamed of, you know, but one day everything changed. He came home, and found his woman in bed; she was pale and cold, looking so scared. She was dead. Consumed by the pain, the only thing he thought about was finding the person who committed this terrible crime, and when he found out his father who did this, he lost his mind.

     Yes, his father was the person who killed his wife. He was so upset and, of course, he killed him. Before dying, the only answer he got from the man was that his sweet wife was killed because she was a whore. His grandpa discovered the horrible scene and tied him to a pole in the town’s square where he was brutally whipped and eaten by two dogs.

     It is a terrible story, is it not? But that is not everything. His grandpa cursed him to carry his father’s bones for eternity, and that is why he walks by Venezuelan plains hunting people who always go to parties and cheat on their wives. If you hear his whistle really close to you, you can be calm, because he is really far away from you, but if you hear his whistle really far, you better start praying or running, because he could be right next to you.

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La Llorona

Hey; it is good to see you again. As you already know, every stop on our journey means a new story. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the sad story of a lady that had a baby a long time ago. She was young and made a lot of mistakes, and that is why she is known as La Llorona.

     As I already told you, she was very young when her story happened. She fell in love with a strong and brave soldier that was living in the city. Blind by the love she felt, she sacrificed everything for him, and they lived their love as if it was their last day on earth. As it happens sometimes, she got pregnant, and nine months later, the product of that passion was in her arms.

     She was so happy but so scared at the same time. She loved the little girl from the beginning, but the responsibility of taking care of such a little person made her feel anxious. Full of joy and worry, she talked with her beloved soldier. He was speechless as if he lost his voice. He left her house, and days after, she asked for him to everybody, until she found out that he was left the town.

      Her heart was broken; she never expected that from him. However, she felt braved enough to take care of his pretty daughter. She tried it at the beginning, but the little girl cried all the time, and one day, she lost her patience and killed her. When she saw what she did, she started yelling and crying, and since that day, she was cursed by her family for the terrible murder she committed.

     This is a really sad and terrible story, you can’t imagine how regretful that poor woman was, and that is why her soul walks by the Venezuelan plains looking for her beloved baby. She is seen at the riversides where little kids play, and that is why people say she steals them.

Reading Comprehension